The Ziggeo Plugin creates an element that enables users to record and/or upload videos.

Video Input

Input options

Select what users can do. Choose from Allow uploads, Allow recording, and Allow both.

Maximum duration (s)

Enter the maximum video length users can record.

Maximum size (byte)

Limit the size of videos being uploaded in bytes. By default, there is no limit.

Video Element

This built-in Bubble element lets you display videos from external sources within your application. Once you install the Ziggeo plugin, you can modify its “Video source” property.

Video source

Select “Ziggeo” from the video source to display videos that your users have recorded.

Video ID

The Ziggeo video that you would like to display. This can be dynamic, such as a video input’s value.


Generate an API key in your Ziggeo dashboard and enter it in the Plugins tab of your application editor. You can find more information on integrating Ziggeo with Bubble here.


Why can’t I start recording with my video input?

In order to press “Record,” the Ziggeo plugin requires the camera and microphone icons to already be green, or to have already detected video and sound. Try speaking so that the microphone turns green, then click “Record” again.

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