Dedicated instance

Once your dedicated cluster is running. Your experience with Bubble will mostly be the same, except a few things:

New editor URL

The app editor will be hosted on a subdomain ( The first time you'll visit this URL, you'll be prompted to login with your Bubble credentials or SSO. When you'll edit your app (from, you'll be take directly to the right subdomain.

You can continue to manage your organization's account, provision members, update payment information, emails, and other settings through the platform, just as you did prior to the upgrade.

Note: App modification date (for sorting apps in your home page) is either stored on the app object or in a Meta Thing. Since the app object cannot be read from a dedicated cluster, and the Meta thing is not updated when edits are made to a dedicated app, the app modification date is not reliably stored.

Upgrading your servers

With the Enterprise plan, you have the flexibility to control Bubble upgrades according to your own timeline. This lets you test your app to ensure compatibility before applying any updates.

Within the editor interface, you'll notice a fork icon at the top panel. By clicking on this icon, you can easily view your current installation version and check if an upgrade is available. If it is, information about the the latest version will be displayed, along with an "Upgrade" button. You can click this button to initiate the upgrade process and continue working on your project.

Simply refresh the page once the upgrade is complete.

Note: For those using dedicated servers, we strongly advise carrying out upgrades on a consistent basis. Performing a substantial upgrade after an extended period of time may lead to the simultaneous execution of numerous background calculations.

Typically, these calculations are distributed across various versions of the Bubble codebase and are staggered over time to avoid overwhelming the main cluster. Undertaking a large number of these calculations at once, due to a significant upgrade, has the potential to consume or even exceed the available resources on your dedicated instance temporarily.

Monitoring Dashboard

Once you are on the Enterprise plan, you will be able to monitor the health of your servers in the Logs Tab of the Editor. This will show you CPU utilization and memory usage. We will proactively notify you if your usage is reaching certain levels, and then we'll work with you to upgrade your infrastructure as needed.

Like applications on the main cluster, you also have access to Server Logs per application. Server logs are accessible for 2 weeks on Dedicated plans.

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