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The Showcase
The Bubble Showcase is where we feature apps from the community to show off the cool ideas that Bubblers are working on.

Submitting to the showcase

We are currently accepting submissions from app creators for the showcase. To submit your app, use the button in the modal that you see upon successfully deploying your app. Clicking on that button alerts the Bubble team that you're open to having your app in the Showcase.
The Bubble team will review submissions periodically and follow up with the submissions that are a good fit for the Showcase page. You do not need to submit your app more than once - though if it's been months since the last time you submitted and your app has changed significantly, feel free to submit again.

Showcase guidelines

Some rough guidelines for what makes a good Showcase app (these are not necessarily hard-and-fast rules; we're always open to seeing cool apps):
    It has a clean, professional design that looks good on different sizes of screens
    It should be deployed and look like it's ready for viewers and users; it should not be password protected
    The purpose or idea behind the app should be clear to somebody visiting the app
    It should either:
      Not require an account / logging in in order to see the 'main functionality' of the app, OR
      If the app relies on users having an account, it should have clear landing pages explaining the app and should have its 'main functionality' built on Bubble
    It likely has a custom domain attached (i.e. is not a Free app), OR is a very cool Free app
    It most likely is more than just landing pages
    It is probably not a personal blog (unless it has some quite un-blog-like features!)
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