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Ipiphy allows you to get the IP address of the user at their current location.

Get data from external API

This plugin isn’t used as an element action, but is instead used as a data source from the ‘get data from an external API’ data call.

Current user’s IP address

The text operator used to display a user’s IP address.


Unlike most API plugins, you won’t need to generate your own API keys to make use of this plugin.
Once the plugin is installed, it’s possible to start storing and displaying a user’s IP address.
Simply select the ‘get data from external API’ operator, then select the ‘get current user’s IP address’ option.
This will automatically display the current user’s IP address as a text element.


How do you store a user’s IP address within your database?

Like any information, it’s possible to store a user’s IP address as a text data field. When updating the data field, use the ‘get data from external API’ option as the dynamic value.
Last modified 2yr ago