Bubble Docs

Limitations & Known Issues

Below are known issues you might encounter in rare cases while building your app. These bugs will be reviewed on a regular basis and removed upon resolution.


Because Bubble "dropdown" elements use the native HTML "<select>" tag, you generally cannot apply styles (e.g. option alignment, border roundness, etc.) to the expanded list of options (this is a limitation with CSS in general - more info). For alternatives, consider plugins.

Scroll bars

Scroll bars, especially when in repeating groups, can sometimes look subtly different than designed on different browsers and devices. This is because Bubble relies on the end-user's operating system and browser for how a scrollbar should look.

Older Hardware

While we try to keep the Bubble editor speedy, if you are using older hardware (e.g. mid-range laptops from before 2012 or desktops from before 2010), you may experience notable lag when using the editor.

Platform / Browser

Some things are not fully supported across platform / browser configurations. These are important to note as you think about the users of your application:

Android (mobile)

  • Currency format for inputs not supported

Safari (mobile)

  • Popups don't show until page reload or tilting device
  • Input cursor is offset by few lines while typing
  • Page behind open popup is still scrollable
  • Twilio Plugin video chats do not work properly due to some quirks of Safari mobile that are difficult to workaround. When a call is initiated, the users on the call are only able to hear and see themselves, yet Twilio recognizes this call as a successful call.

Safari 13+

  • Safari 13 prevents any 3rd party cookies from going to iframe requests. Because of this, if your Bubble app is running in an iframe, the bubble client will start workflows as the uid of the user that was attributed to it, but will register as no_user server-side, due to the lack of cookies. The mismatch will unfortunately prevent any workflow from running successfully. As a workaround, set "Do not set cookies on new visitors by default" in Settings > General > Privacy & Security, so that both server and client know that this is an anonymous user.

Microsoft Edge

  • Dropping files from explorer to browser does not work as expected because of a browser compatibility issue


  • We are aware that Firefox has a bug with their localStorage persistence when the browser setting "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" is enabled. The impact on Bubble apps is that some behaviors, especially ones involving cookies and iframes, may not work as expected for end users on Firefox with this setting. The most notable known source of error is with Stripe transactions, which may not redirect back to the app correctly. (This is, unfortunately, a bug at the Firefox level. We are monitoring the situation there in the hopes they will fix this soon.)
Note that different browsers will have their own idiosyncrasies. While Bubble tries to ensure that Bubble app behavior is consistent across browsers, there are times when this is out of our control.
For example: when an app's user clicks "back", that will usually fire the "When page is loaded" event, but Safari does not allow this behavior. This is because Safari follows a different paradigm for how "back" works relative to other browsers.
Browser versions play an important role in the overall reliability of your Bubble app. Some Bubble features will break as browser versions become outdated. It is highly recommended to keep your browser updated to the latest version since browsers contain bugs that get fixed with their own subsequent updates.
Some custom fonts are occasionally rendered slightly differently across different operating systems and browsers. This most commonly manifests itself in their height differences which may affect element layouts.

Plugin Compatibility

Because plugins are "blocks" of custom code that extend the functionality of your app, installed plugins are all compiled at the same time when your app is loaded. As a result, all of the Plugins installed in your app must be able to co-exist in the same environment. Sometimes, plugins can collide with each other and cause unexpected behavior, especially when they share similar resource names. While we strongly recommend plugin developers try their best to not overwrite some common parts of the browser code, this doesn't always happen. While these compatibility issues are hard to know in advance, we will try our best to document any known compatibility issues here until we implement a system of separating plugin code in runmode.
  • AddToAny (Bubble) and Selectize Dropdown (3rd Party)