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Responsive Engine [beta]
Bubble’s new Responsive Engine is now in Beta!
Bubble's Responsive Engine, the framework for how responsive web pages are built and rendered, has been re-designed from the ground up to provide a faster and more powerful way to build responsive layouts in Bubble. For those who may be more technical, the new engine is based on CSS and CSS flexbox properties. Regardless of your understanding of the underlying technologies though, the new responsive engine will run your app pages faster and give you more control over the behavior of your page as the screen or content re-sizes.
Because the Responsive Engine has been completely re-built, there are a number of new controls that you might not be familiar with yet. This Help Guide will walk you through upgrading your page, the new controls, and how to approach building new layouts.
Note: The new Responsive Engine is still in Beta.
This means the feature is pretty close to look, feel, and function but some design and functionality changes may still be made before the new Responsive becomes the default experience. In addition, there may still be some bugs present as we continue more robust testing. This is especially true for 3rd party plugins and templates that have not yet had an opportunity to upgrade. Keep this in mind if you plan on using upgraded pages in production.
Last modified 22d ago
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