Bubble Docs

The Basics

Learn more about the types of apps you can build in Bubble and how security, privacy, and ownership work.
Our Academy course on the Bubble Fundamentals

What is Bubble?

Bubble is at the same time a visual programming tool and a cloud platform. You use the programming tool to build your applications, while the cloud platform hosts and runs them.
You design, build, maintain, and scale your app using the Application Editor, which is accessed in the browser. There is nothing to download. As soon as an app is created on Bubble, it is hosted on Bubble's cloud infrastructure, and it can be accessed from anywhere.

What you can build

Bubble lets you build web applications. The applications can be accessed in a browser on a computer, tablet, or phone. Applications have a database and users can create an account, save data, retrieve data, etc. Bubble's powerful editor is open-ended, and like a traditional programming language, there's no fixed set of possibilities. By combining different data and logic operations, you can create very simple to extremely complicated applications. Without getting into a detailed list of features, Bubble supports:
  • Creating user accounts;
  • Saving, modifying, deleting and retrieving data;
  • Real-time updates;
  • Connecting to any kind of external services that expose an API (including payments, sources of data, authentication providers, etc.);
  • Building responsive applications, which adjust to the width of the screen.
Bubble does not generate native apps for iOS and Android out of the box yet. Some users have managed to successfully deploy apps to both stores. If you are building native first software and want to use Bubble, we recommend you build a web version first as a one-page application, and then convert it into a native app. The Forum is best for this process, since other users have gone through it. We plan to add this to our core functionality in the future, but cannot commit on a timeline for this yet.

Example applications

Thousands of web applications are built on Bubble, including startups, internal company tools, and personal projects. Bubble is one platform that does it all for you, which means you no longer have to be a coder or hire a team of engineers to build the app that you want to build.
Here are some apps our users have built. Take a look at our Showcase, where we highlight several premiere applications that our users have built, and our How to Build tutorial series, where we demonstrate how to create apps like Instagram and Uber Eats.