Bubble Docs

Supported browsers

Apps in run-mode

(This section will take effect in Q2 2021, with the public release of the new responsive engine - see forum thread.)
Because the Bubble framework utilizes certain web technologies that are not compatible across all older browsers, the Bubble product offers official support for certain browsers and versions. Note that this applies to apps in run-mode - in other words, this impacts the end-users of your Bubble app.
Bubble's browser support can be summarized as:
  • Bubble officially supports Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on web and mobile web
  • We encourage end-users to upgrade these browsers to the latest version widely available. Note that the supported browsers come with auto-update functionality; this is relevant in this case because when a new version of a browser breaks something, there will often be a fast follow-up version that fixes that bug
  • With the supported browsers, we will consider any bugs that only affect older versions of those browsers, but we do not guarantee we will fix them
When an end-user uses an older version that is not explicitly supported above, many (if not most or all) of an app will still work. Specifically, browser support generally affects how your app is displayed, and generally leaves the workings of your workflows and database untouched. (This is a general rule of thumb - especially as technology changes over time, there may be more exceptions to this in the future.)
Technical background:
For example, the new responsive engine to be released in 2021 utilizes CSS Grid, a modern framework, for laying out the elements on a page - this is not supported by Internet Explorer. CSS Grid is used for rendering repeating groups with certain properties, so these specific repeating groups might not render correctly on Internet Explorer.

Edit-mode, i.e. the Bubble editor

Edit-mode is what you, the Bubble user, see to edit your app. This is not visible to end-users of the app.
Bubble supports the latest version of Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari for edit-mode. We highly encourage Bubble users to upgrade these browsers to the latest version widely available. We generally will not explicitly support older versions of these browsers.