Bubble Docs

Using a Template

While Bubble lets you build your interface to the pixel and start from a blank page, you can use some templates found on the Templates page. If you use a Template, then the Templates tab will become visible. Please note that you cannot add a template into an app after the app is created.
If you use a template as a base, please write a review in the Template Tab. Reviews increase the quality of Bubble's templates.

Creating an app using a template

Once you have bought or added a template to your account, you will see a dropdown in the New Application popup that lets you pick a template as the basis for the new application. Note this can only be done when you create a new app.
A template isn't a theme for your app, but a pre-built set of elements and workflows. You can modify the template as you would modify another app.

Reviewing Templates

When an app is created with a template, you will be able to review the template in the Editor (or in the template page). You will also be able to reveal your email to the template owner, which is useful if you need an answer. As the Ecosystem grows, it is important for the Community to regulate and provide feedback. We appreciate your help.
To leave a review, go the Template tab.

Rules and License

Please review our Marketplace Policies.