The issue tracker

The issue tracker helps identify and resolve problems in your application. When you're building your app, Bubble automatically checks for inconsistencies and errors, and lists the results in the issue tracker tool.

Accessing the issue tracker

The search tool is a part of Bubble's toolbar and is accessed by clicking the issue counter. Note that if there are no issues, the counter will not be visible.

How the issue tracker works

The Issue Tracker can flag a variety of issues, from missing data sources to invalid actions in workflows. For example, if you set up a button to change the data of a thing but haven't specified which thing should be changed, the issue tracker would flag this as an issue.

The issue tracker dynamically monitors your app for potential errors or problems. As you make modifications, it automatically updates to highlight any new issues or clear out those that have been resolved. This real-time feedback ensures that you can address any potential problems immediately, helping to maintain the integrity and functionality of your application.

Note: some issues, especially those that involve intricate calculations or dependencies, might take a bit longer to be detected and displayed. In some cases, the issue(s) might not appear until you navigate to the specific page in the editor where they exist. Always ensure you thoroughly review each page of your app before you deploy to make sure all issues are caught.

You cannot deploy your app to Live if there are issues. We recommend keeping the number of issues to a minimum at all times, preferably at zero.

Disabling the issue tracker

The issue tracker can be completely disabled by adding a URL parameter in the URL of the Bubble editor.


The full URL of the editor would then look something like the below:

We generally discourage disabling the issue tracker, as it's important to keep the number of issues in your app at zero. Additionally, disabling the issue tracker lets you deploy the app even with potential issues, which can lead to a live app not functioning properly.

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